crazy rich asians; a review

crazy rich asians; a review

Crazy Rich Asians, By Kevin Kwan

Crazy Rich Asians, By Kevin Kwan

I had high hopes for this book. It came recommended to me by three different people, and I was told that it was a fast and entertaining read. And to an extent, I agree. The overall story was light and comedic and often had me shaking my head, incredulous. The descriptions of the street food in Singapore left my mouth watering; I’ve already started daydreaming of…

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legend trilogy; a review

legend trilogy; a review

Legend, Prodigy, Champion

Legend, Prodigy, Champion, By Marie Lu

Books 43-45/50

If you can take away one thing from this review, let it be this: if you love YA, read these books.

Knowing my obsession with teen dystopian trilogies, my writing partner Kristi suggested I pick up Marie Lu‘s Legend series. Let’s just say that I finished all three books within a week. Overall, the series was a perfect mix of adventure, action,…

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how we TIFF’ed: 2014 edition

how we TIFF’ed: 2014 edition

This year’s experience at the Toronto International Film Festival in all its glory

We <3 TIFF

We <3 TIFF

One year of anticipation.

Three months of scouting films.

One and a half months of solid planning.

Multiple Soho reservations.

One VIP Pass.

Two spa appointments.

Two live performances.

Google docs, Excel spreadsheets and a master itinerary marking days, times, must-sees, alternate options, movies,…

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2014 50 book pledge= complete!

2014 50 book pledge= complete!

I did it! With three months to spare... I guess that just means more reading for me!

I did it! With three months to spare… I guess that just means more reading for me!

On January 1st, 2014 I decided to commit to reading 50 books this year. There was no criteria I set out for myself other than that the books had to be full novels. I’m the type of person who sticks to a genre compulsively and then switches at the drop of a hat. That being said, I have completed 50 books this year…

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